Audio and PA Systems

Best Possible Audio

It’s our passion and a drive to refine an audio system to obtain the best results possible from the entire system. Being able to feel the emotion of a motivational speaker. Ensuring that when a person is speaking into a microphone, their audience is not being distracted. A well designed, fine-tuned system can change moods. …Yes you could say we are a little bit Geeky when it comes to audio.

NQAV have a long history of installing PA Systems in a broad range of situations and environments.


Large Venue Audio

NQAV design, supply, install and maintain all levels of audio. We have proven expertise on projects inclduing Church sound systems to military explosive firing range, to Night Clubs, Convention Centres, and shopping malls. 

For events, functions or front of house PA sound systems we have team members who use the some of the best equipment in their day to day work and outside of work.

We urge you not to consider buying a PA system "off the shelf" until you have spoken to one of our team.


Small Venue Audio

Whether it is for a small retail shop, a music system in a home office, or a maybe Café we have affordable and quality solutions. A school or local small presentation hall may require a system to host parties but a very limited fund available. We can help with any size requirment.


Leading Brands

Some of our speaker brands include JBL, Turbosound, Renkus Heinz, Bose, Tannoy, Beta3, APart, Acoustic Technologies, D&B, VUE, Australian Monitor, TOA plus so many more.

  • Shure, Sennheiser, Mipro, Beyerdynamic, Rode, DPA, and AKG Microphones 
  • Lab.Gruppen, Crown, Inter-M, Australian Monitor, TOA, Bose amplifiers
  • Biamp, BSS London, Bose, dbx, Rane, Roland, Midas, mixing and processing.
  • Ampertronic, Listen, Univox, Williams Sound, Mipro for hearing assistance.
  • Mipro and Chiayo for portable PA.


With leading manufacturers listed above, NQAV are clearly able to assist you with every possible audio solution.

The alliances shared between manufacturers and NQAV prove our ability and knowledge to ensure that our client’s obtain the best possible outcomes for each individual situation. 


Hearing Augmentation

With the changes made to Building codes, there are now requirements for the inclusion of hearing augmentation. This could include an induction loop – commonly known as a hearing loop, IR Transmission or RF Hearing systems. Regardless of the situation, we have the knowledge and ability to provide the best solution for any scenario.


Wireless Frequencies

Were you aware of the recent changes to federal law regarding Wireless Microphones in Australia?  If you are about to purchase a microphone, or if you need assistance in trading in existing wireless microphones, let us know.  There are some critical factors to take into account!