Automation and Control

Scalable Solutions

With the increasing number of technologies and operating platforms at work and home, integrated control systems solves the complexity of managing many technologies with reliable, consistent and scalable systems.

Automation systems are implemented worldwide in conference rooms, homes, classrooms, network operation / command centres, hotels, entertainment venues and broadcast facilities, among others.

Utilising various devices from dedicated Touch Panels, PIR sensors, iPads & Andriod, timers or swipe cards, there is an easy way to gain control of all of your system/


Device Control

Control systems simplifies technology so that anyone can control and automate their home or work environment. With one touch, our solutions put a series of customised and carefully orchestrated events into motion – from preparing a conference room for a presentation to controlling your entire building even whole of building lighting & HVAC control.


Asset Control 

Protecting one's technology investment is critical. That’s our systems offer some of the industry's most robust solution for managing and monitoring electronic equipment. Designed with both IT and A/V professionals in mind, our software applications provide real-time, 24/7 access to the entire control system network – whether in a single facility or multiple locations around the world.


Content Control

With technology adoption at an all-time high, the need to centrally distribute audio and video – such as broadcast television, music, videos and live camera feeds – throughout a building or office has never been greater. From digital signage to signal switching and routing, NQAV can meet nearly any A/V distribution need.


At Work

Whether you need to control an AV presentation, videoconference internationally, update your digital signage, shut down an entire floors lighting, NQAV has a control system to keep you connected. Monitor your enterprise to increase sustainability by tracking your carbon footprint to see where you use on-site energy, and how you can continue to reduce energy costs. Add room sensors and set presets for shades to control daylight harvesting and only use lights as they are needed. Show off your energy savings from a flash-based, stylish interface in your foyer. Book an available conference room that has the technology and space you need, directly from Outlook or on your web browser. There are no limitations to keep your organisation on the cutting-edge, increase efficiencies and lower costs. 


At School

Enhance curriculum through easy-to-use technology for teachers and professors. From one touch on an intuitive touch panel select to play a DVD, use a document camera, or present a PowerPoint from the PC. NQAV can make it easier for instructors to use classroom technology, and for IT managers to support hundreds of rooms through the standard IP network. Tech support can remotely manage classrooms, labs, conference rooms and auditoriums globally and remotely. Control lighting and climate by time of day and usage. Check lamp life and schedule maintenance. Let your teachers and professors focus on teaching, not worry about technology.

Aimed at cutting costs and reducing ongoing maintenance, NQAV can deliver Building Automation System designed on improvements focused around providing a more flexible, automated systems. These include air-conditioning, irrigation, audio visual and security control. These services can be all integrated to creating a complete building control management system.

Designs and installations are not only for new fit outs; they can also be based around existing equipment and wiring. The intelligent technology used allows technology services to be centrally controlled with the use of motion sensors and automated modes to allow for services such as switch off power outside of business hours to switching equipment on when someone enters the room, ultimately improving energy efficiency and running costs and maximising equipment up-time.


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