Board and Conference Rooms

Boardrooms make a statement about your business

The modern office needs to be connected in ways like never before, while still running smoothly to ensure business is efficient and productive. With our Office and Boardrooms solutions, your workplace will be brought into the 21st century like never before. With a LED display, a projector, a control system, audio system and more, you’ll send the message to employees and clients alike that you’re up to date and professional while at the same time letting technology do what it does best: make your life easier.

Today’s Boardroom design typically involve a Presentation Switcher, which is designed to simplify AV control and distribution in medium and large conference rooms. A Presentation Switcher is perfect for any room with a mix of analogue and digital sources, multiple displays, or rooms that require support for video conferencing.

Whislt complex for the AV specialist design and deploy, Boardroom AV technology will simplify your operation so anyone in the office can use it.

Adding a control system to your office or boardroom will allow you to switch easily between sources using a Touch Surface, Apple iPad or an Android device. This has a variety of benefits:

  • Simplicity of functionality
  • User Friendly
  • Control a wide assortment of equipment from lighting, automated shades and audio video equipment.

Outside of your Boardroom, other meeting spaces and training rooms need technology to provide productive meetings and sessions. Years of combined knowledge and experience enable NQAV to bring together integration technologies from companies such as AMX & Crestron to provide simple to use, yet highly intuitive systems.

Simplify and streamline the technology in your boardrooms, conference rooms or throughout the facility. Integrated solutions from NQAV simplify installation and practical usage, as well as maintenance and scalability.

NQAV can provide AV design, equipment supply and installation services for your company, and will create a system to ensure the most cost-effective solution is implemented, then back it up by our managed maintenance and support agreements including staff training session(s) or phone & onsite support after your system has been installed