Digital Signage

21st Century Communication

Digital signage is a communication tool advertising content and messages which are displayed on dynamic digital signs (e.g. large LCD’s) with an ultimate goal of delivering targeted messages. It allows you to reach your audience like never before by using dynamic video feeds, pre-defined apps, social media campaigns, and news feeds.

It gives businesses the power to pinpoint messages, encourage customer involvement, and provide real time information resulting in more efficient services in a wide-variety of industries and applications.

Digital Signage can help you deliver dynamic visual messages to optimize your customers' experience while driving sales. The latest signage management systems are offered in many ways including local devices or over a SAAS platform, allow remote access from virtually anywhere, anyplace via a standard browser.

These state-of-the-art signage systems are being used worldwide in a variety of markets including retail, education, corporate, finance, real estate, hospitality or healthcare and applications ranging from restaurant signage systems, menu boards, advertising networks, announcement portals, point-of-purchase, employee training, customer communication to digital video showcases and alert systems.

Digital Signage eliminates the cost of printed, traditional sign boards and informational displays. It has proven to be a better alternative to static signs, posters and billboards in virtually all industry markets. Digital Signage technology is extremely flexible and versatile- start with one digital sign and expand the network as per budgets and requirements across all one or multiple sites.

With features including versatile media support and sophisticated data integration, digital signage systems offer a flexible solution designed to enhance diverse communication objectives of companies in a variety of market segments.

NQAV Digital Signage platforms offers complete signage solutions to help you get to market faster. There is no better way to communicate with your customers than Digital Signage!