Lecture Theatres

NQAV Education Specialist

Advancements in educational technology are changing the way in which we educate students. Each and every day, a new array of interactive learning tools are being developed, and with them comes the need for integration into the classroom.

From mediated lecterns and classroom control systems, to student response systems that integrate with whiteboard and Web Content, audio visual equipment is changing the face of higher education and interactive learning. While each classroom or lecture hall is unique, you'll find NQAV has the right projector, student response system (educational clicker), interactive whiteboard or other education based learning tool to suit the needs of your faculty and students. 

Working with one of NQAV's education specialists, you can rest assured we'll not only design your ideal audio visual system, but we'll also get you setup with an educational technology specialist that can train you on how to deliver a powerful message to your students. 

Partnering with leading audio video manufacturers from around the country, NQAV has become a top tier provider of collaborative and interactive learning tools in education. Our ability to integrate a wide range of audio visual components into your classroom or lecture hall, paired with our highly trained team, makes NQAV the perfect solution for your e-learning needs. 

NQAV is truly a leader in the Education audio visual market. Our team of system integrators works directly with clients to develop new approaches to education through technology and its dissemination across local networks and multiple campuses. We have a strong history of support for educational entities, and a great interest in our clients' ultimate goal of integrating technology into classroom instruction to increase student engagement and retention.