NQAV provide clarity for the client who wants an integrated,

modern AV system for home or business.



Residential Audio Visual Specialist

Our specialist AV professional team will advise you on how to get the best out of your existing equipment, but also what new equipment to buy to give exceptional results

High street retail outlets simply cannot offer the knowledge, experience, and range of products and brands (especially premium brands) that a dedicated AV company like NQAV can.

In Audio, NQAV have available brands like Bowers & Wilkins, M&K Sound, Denon, Marantz, PSB, Niles, Stealth Acoustics, Tannoy, and many more from which to match your acoustic environment and listening taste.

For the big screen we can supply every brand from the elite Christie range, to Epson, from Panasonic to Hitachi, Samsung, and many more.

We have no “brand sales targets” to meet influencing any brand recommendation, and we will only recommended what our experienced professionals know to be the best solution for the experience you are seeking. NQAV do not sell mass market high street brand products, but we do take into account what the budget permits and we understand that not all solutions will be part of a fully managed custom installation.


NQAV Services

Here are some of the services NQAV offer to our residential clients 

  • Home Theatre design & installation
  • Dedicated home Cinema design & installation
  • TV Antenna installation and upgrades
  • TV installation/wall mounting
  • Mulit Zone audio
  • Stereo audio
  • Turntables
  • Digital audio (FLAC etc) specialists
  • Home Media server specialists
  • Outdoor entertainment equipment and installation



Importance of choosing reliable experienced and professional industry partners

It goes without saying that in the present economic climate cost saving is high on most peoples list of priorities.

That is why engaging with our team will save money in the short to long term; by getting every design element and installation or the correct equipment from day one.

When you buy a house, you take advice from many professionals in the industry.

When you buy a engine for your boat, you take advice on fuel economy, power, and other factors.

Buying home theatre and AV is no different, and can be just as expensive. Yet still many people buy the equipment of a shelf believeing it will suffice.