Watching a movie should make your hair stand on end, and the bass should move you in your seat. At the same time it should not be too loud you have to turn it down. Ever wondered how this is possible? Then you need to speak to us.


Design Service

Premium Audio Visual experience only comes by design

Our service starts with a consultation to discuss your project.

Great audio or visual experience is something that you may believe exists, but haven’t been able to find.

We take a fully holistic approach to our service and believe that by working with builders, electricians, plumbers (yes, plumbers!), landscape gardeners, carpenters (and more) both pre build, during build, and 10 years after build you will be getting the best experience from the AV in your home.

NQAV experts work with clients who may be thinking of building a new home many months in advance of signing of their plans, helping the design process with a unique perspective view derived from experience, of how you will actually live in a home once the builders have left and the paint has dried.


Full design and installation service

Here are some of the services and products we offer:

  • Evaluation of existing AV equipment and compatibility check.
  • Cable appraisal and recommendations for pre cabling during build.
  • Plan appraisal and recommendation for changes (eg. home theatre design).
  • Full system design for Automation, Audio, Network, Video distribution and more.
  • Dedicated Theatre or Cinema design.
  • North Queensland’s best range of Custom Installation AV equipment.
  • Acoustic Dampening solutions and installation.
  • Synergy with the building trades to ensure successful installation during the build.
  • Professional installation by certified AV technicians.
  • Handover and post-sales support.

In short we save you time, money, and most importantly stress. Our solutions work and carry on working by design.


Existing Equipment and Integrating

On other occasions our clients ask us to fit off equipment that they have bought already, and in most cases add to equipment already owned.

In the majority of cases we can make this work and achive significantly improved results over standard set up or hardware choices.